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Zofran: Is it Safe for Expectant Mothers?

Focus was introduced by a recent news report by Valley News Live to a 2-year old girl called Arianah Reisen, who was born with a congenital heart problem needing her to undergo surgery. Her mother, Kylee Riesen, points to the drug Zofran as the main culprit. She tells the news outlet about the time she was recommended the anti-vomiting drug employed to treat chemotherapy patients when she suffered from severe morning sickness.

Arianah’s mother isn’t alone in making this claim. Zofran lawyers at Williams Kherkher explain on their website that they’ve been investigating a few other examples that demonstrate the possible links between the use and the occurrence of severe fetal harms. Irrespective of congenital heart defects, they discovered that Zofran can also lead to cleft lips and palette.

With possible hazards such as these, it’s not difficult to wonder why Zofran remains a common choice for morning nausea medication. A quick Google search will reveal conflicting messages about the safety of the drug. One news report will assure that Zofran is fully risk-free while another may tell readers to be wary of its own dangers. Will there be a conclusive response that may end this argument and help facilitate the anxieties of mothers-to-be that are anxious?

Alas, the short answer is no. The medical community has yet to find a conclusive solution that could help reconcile this disagreement while there have been plenty of reports circulating concerning the perils of Zofran. Lots of the scientific research examining the links between birth defects and Zofran has given conclusions that were distinct. For instance, research released by The School of Family Physicians of Canada in 2012 reasoned that using the drug resulted in increased threat of major fetal failures.

Regardless of the lack of a conclusive decision, it is best for expectant women to err to the side of caution. As a security precaution, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a declaration warning people about potential security issues in regards to the drug. It is important to remember that using Zofran during pregnancy counts as “off-label use”, meaning it was never accepted by the Food and Drug Administration for this particular goal. Medical professionals suggest alternate treatments to treat their symptoms. If you are experiencing acute morning sickness, speak to your doctor about options aside from Zofran.

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